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A lot of people experience high utility bills but don't know how to go about effectively lowering these expenses.  Our home energy audits pinpoint exactly what energy inefficiencies exist in a home and produce an action plan with prioritized recommendations for improvement based on cost effectiveness, payback period and the immediate impact on energy bills.

Bumblebee Energy Solutions energy auditors are Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) certified home energy raters, certified energy code compliance contractors, and certified green building contractors.  We use diagnostic tools such as blower door systems, duct leakage testing equipment, and infrared thermal imaging cameras  to evaluate a home's energy efficiency.  Our energy auditors will examine insulation, HVAC units, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, and other home features that may lead to high energy costs and indoor air quality problems.

Energy audits help customers save money!  Average energy bills for energy efficient homes in Dallas are 45% lower than average energy bills for typical Dallas homes.  Source: http://hes.lbl.gov